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Tools for Show streamlines exhibition design, making museum professionals’ work leaner, faster and more collaborative.

There is no standard workflow in the making of art exhibitions for museums. We provide a tool for managing all exhibition information in one digital model.

Built for museum professionalsDeveloped specifically for exhibition design by industry experts. Tailored to the workflow of world-class designers.

Accessible on all systems
Since our tools are web-based they are as portable and flexible as the internet

Live updates
Easily collaborate and share your designs on the browser.
They update automatically to all team members.

Associated information
Never loose data about your object. All information is automatically associated. 

And there is more to it than just improving workflow.

If you are a museum or art institution, Tools for Show helps your team create meaningful engagement tools for audiences. It is also an excellent way to archive and preserve exhibitions in all their complexity.

Archive exhibitions digitally This can be used for institutional records or as a publicly searchable database. Imagine in ten years, you could see all the ways a certain artifact was displayed in different places.

Save resources Optimize your resources with Tools for Show by improving communication between departments. Get rid of tedious, repetivive tasks, knowing that everyone is up to date. 

Engage audiences
Tools for Show helps to create meaningful engagement tools for audiences. Stay up to date with exhibition projects that support augmented reality, accessibility and translation tools.

Build new experiences
Tools for Show can be used in all aspects of visitor engagement, going beyond exhibitions. Reach young audiences through curated content that will engage them in their own language.

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